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How to use Publications, Videos and other Materials from Our Site?

Date added:
Saturday, 15 January 2011
Last revised:
Sunday, 16 January 2011
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Web-site "ROCA News" welcomes republishing publications from our site as well as promoting our site on other Internet resources through personal sites, RSS lists, mail lists, news groups, blogs, etc.

If you use materials published on the site "ROCA News" we require include the origin of the publications such as:
- Permanent link to the publication on the site http://news.ruschurchabroad.org,
- Copyright information for each material:
«Copyright (C) 2011 ROCA News. Republished with the permit of administration of "ROCA News"»

If you publish some parts of an article, we require explicit indication that the material is a part of the particular and do not change the context, names or main meaning of the included publication. Administration of "ROCA News" has the right to recall the permission to use our materials at any time.


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