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Latest Publications

To all the faithful members of the South American Diocese of the ROCA

Epistles from bishops

Informational Epistle

To all the faithful members of the South American Diocese

of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

who did not accept the Act to join with the Moscow Patriarchate

November 8/21, 2010

Synaxis of the Archangel Michael and St. Philaret of New York

Dear members of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad!

Christ is with you!

Recently, there has been more unpleasantness from representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate (MP) and the Synod of Metropolitan Hilarion, not only to the clergy, but also to the members of that part of the ROCA which did not agree to union with the MP. It is being done with sophisticated slander, the spreading of lies and gossip, and the sly casting of poison and doubts into the hearts of the so-called “Rusexpatriates” and “fellow countrymen,” who, with a small exception, have little knowledge of the Church and easily accept everything as the truth. These gossipmongers, raised in the Soviet Union and experts at propaganda, hope to entice and influence those loyal to the Church through these local Rusexpatriates, with whom they are acquainted or have contact, with the goal of tearing away as many people as possible from their rectors and parishes and attracting them to themselves.

In their published statements, they call us schismatics, noting that all of our clergy has been forbidden to serve and that all mysteries performed by us are invalid. Presenting historical facts of the last couple of years, they deliberately distort them and draw false conclusions for their own benefit. One of their main accusations is Metropolitan Agafangel’s supposed disregard of the Synod Ukase which named him to the South American cathedra, which necessitated them to issue a Ukase of censure forbidding him to serve, and two years later, to be defrocked. This is simply a complete lie, meant to deceive people!

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Minutes of the Diocesan Meeting of the Eastern America & New York and Syracuse & Nikolskiy Dioceses of the ROCA

Official documents

Minutes of the Diocesan Meeting
of the Eastern America & New York and
Syracuse & Nikolskiy Dioceses
of the ROCA


September 21 OS \ October 4 NS, 2010
St. Demetrius, Metropolitan of Rostov.

The meeting was held at the Tolstoy Foundation, Valley Cottage, New York.

The meeting of the Eastern America & New York and Syracuse & Nikolskiy Dioceses of the ROCA under the chairmanship of the Most Reverend Metropolitan Agafangel, First Hierarch of the ROCA, was attended by: Abp. Andronik, Bishop Joseph, Archpriest Gregory Kotlaroff, Archpriest Vsevolod Dutikow, Fr. Daniel Meschter, Fr. Dimitriy Amelchenko, Hieromonk Makary (Foster), Dcn. Dimitri Dobronravov, Mother Agapia (Stephanopoulos), and Dimitri Gontscharow, Evgeniy Vernikovskiy, Mark Kotlaroff, Oleg Rodzianko, Tatiana Rodzianko.

The meeting began at 09:20 with the prayer, “O Heavenly King…”

Evgeniy Vernikovskiy was chosen secretary of the meeting.

The following agenda was approved at the meeting:

  1. General report by the Chairman, Metropolitan Agafangel.
  2. Reports by all attending rectors on their parishes.
  3. Report of the Diocesan Secretary.
  4. Report of the Diocesan Treasurer.
  5. Report of the pilgrimage coordination committee.
  6. Report on the Synod archives and library.
  7. Report from Fr. Vsevolod Dutikow on the California Mission.
  8. Report on diocesan publications and distribution.
  9. Other.

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The Bishops' Council minutes

Official documents


Minutes Part I (Summary)


Meeting of the Bishops’ Council of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.


The meeting of the Bishops’ Council of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad occurred on September 3/16, 2010, in the Theophany Monastery of the St. Petersburg Diocese.

Attendees: The Most Reverend Agafangel, Metropolitan of Eastern American and New York, First Hierarch and Chairman of the ROCA Synod of Bishops; the Right Reverends: Archbishop Andronik of Ottawa and Canada, Vice Chairman of the ROCA Synod of Bishops; Archbishop Sofroniy of St. Petersburg and Northern Russia; Bishop Georgiy of Bolgrad and Belgorod-Dnestrovsk, Secretary of the ROCA Synod of Bishops; Bishop Afanasiy of Vologodsk and Velikoustyuzhsk, Bishop Gregory of Sao Paulo and South America.

The following attended by invitation: Bishop Kirill of Voronezh and Southern Russia, Bishop Dionisiy of Novgorod and Tver, and Bishop Tikhon of Verkhotursk.

The following agenda was approved:

  1. The Synod Chairman’s general report.
  2. Reports of the Diocesan Bishops.
  3. Discussion of the appeal from a representative of the Orthodox Church in Ecuador.
  4. A report on matters in the Holy Ascension parish in Barnaul.
  5. Discussion on diocesan boundaries.
  6. Report on matters in North America.
  7. Report from the Theological Committee.
  8. Discussion on religious education.
  9. Other.


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The Fall session of the ROCA Synod of Bishops

Official documents

The Fall session of the ROCA Synod of Bishops concluded in the Theophany Monastery in Vishegorod, Russia.A range of issues related to the lives of our dioceses were discussed. A letter was written, to be sent to the parish in the city of Barnaul, Altay Region, and its rector, Fr. Georgiy Titov. The parish was recently received into the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.The minutes of the meeting will be available shortly, along with some photographs.


25 AUG 10 - From Metropolitan Agafangel’s Forum page

Epistles from bishops

It is quite clear that the alliance of the FSB and MP, having received its assignment and funding, will now try to do everything to disrupt the existing situation in South America.It is certainly better to keep your distance from professional recruiters sent from Moscow. The rector of the Holy Trinity church, Archpriest Valentin Iwaczewicz, told me how when Patriarch Kirill was still a metropolitan, he asked to see that beautiful church, but instead of looking around, he started to insist that Fr. Valentin join the Moscow Patriarchate. Taken aback by the inappropriate behavior of his guest, Fr. Valentin answered that his hierarchy did not give him the right to discuss such matters and that Metropolitan Kirill should make such an offer to Fr. Valentin’s Synod and not to the rector. Metropolitan Kirill’s efforts were for naught. Such an episode speaks volumes not only of Patriarch Kirill’s well-known desire for other people’s property, but also shows his true moral character better than all his homilies “about eternity.”

Certainly, these “insinuating” letters, and “The Days of Russian Culture in South America,” and “round table discussions,” and visits to the continent by miracle-working icons, and threats of legal actions against our clergy, and censures, and tempting offers, and earnest visits with representatives of the RF embassies, and the active organizing of the pro-Kremlin, post-Komsomol movement “Ours,” and all the rest are all links of the same chain and are evidence of the well-funded operation by the Russian Federation to strengthen its presence in South America. The ROCOR(MP) is now truly, and not just symbolically as Fr. Victor Potapov said, representatives of the Russian Federation, a religious-political appendage of it, receiving and carrying out directives from “headquarters.” To paraphrase a Soviet slogan, one can with all confidence attest that when the Kremlin says “we need it!” the ROCOR(MP) answers “you got it!”

“Whither goest thou” ROCOR(MP)?

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