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Iconostasis in Synod House

Dioceses News - EAST AMERICA DIOCESE Monday, 07 November 2016

Through the efforts of Bishop Cyril and with the help of our parishioners, the  house church in honor of the Holy Myrrh-Bearing Women,  at the Synodal House on 65 Lake Road, in Valley Cottage, New York, USA, is now equipped with an iconostasis.

Icons: The Holy Gates have  the image of the Annunciation, the diaconal doors are depicting Archdeacons Stephen and Lawrence, and the Royal Gate canopy is depicting the Eucharist, which were all  made in Odessa and sent to New York, and the assembly and installation of the iconostasis,  now has been finished by Bishop Cyril.

Thank God, now we have a completed  house-church,  with all the necessary basics in the temple for worship!





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