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Metropolitan Agaphangel: Sirens have started singing

Synod of Bishops - Epistles from bishops Monday, 12 September 2016

As many well know, in recent months in the US, in New York, came a "landing" agitators for the split of the Russian Orthodox Church (4 people), and they are very active, fulfilling their mission. Was this in the history of ROCOR? I do not remember, probably, like it was in the run-up to 2007, but then no one is paid, unfortunately, attention. But now, because of our small size, it is clearly visible. It is obvious that, just as the split was planned and guided from the Russian Federation, and the initiative is now going at a time from the same place, and from the same source. Recently, the process of organizing a split enriched with new forms. Here, brought a section on the site, titled "Preparation of the 6th All-Diaspora Council," which intend to put developments in the field of their separatist activities. Already it appeared authors in this shameful partition. Prior to that, for several years, "detectable" people for the support division, or rather, their tendency to be recruited. Those found and defined. From different locations, even from far Izhevsk, were letters and phone calls around the world to monitor moods, more precisely, the intention of "find friends" - who are willing to speak out against the ROCOR leadership. Not only the representatives of the Church, but also to our brothers. Even the Bulgarian Church Primate Metropolitan Photius tried to agitate. The work is serious - this is not the action of an amateur enthusiast, it's a professional work on the approved plan. The goal, no doubt, is to destroy the ROCA has finally not to leave even viable "fragments" of her. And the quarrel, necessarily, with the Greek Old Calendarists, that there is no union in opposition to the modern apostasy.

Raskolnikov of America and Canada in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan have long been waiting with open arms ready to unite their "spiritual brothers", the former and future, to wait in the wings - the last (as they hope) split the last remnant of the once glorious, but today, no matter that he is still alive, the Russian Church Abroad.

Here and haters of ROCOR's Creed Roux somewhere close orbit, providing comprehensive information support being prepared for a split, having excommunicated the Secretary of the Trinity parish paid correspondent, writing under different names, but only one topic.

Rejecting any possibility and any attempt to establish peace within our Church. Even already concluded and a signed agreement with the First Hierarch of ROCOR Archbishop Andronicus destroyed, and, without any explanation, without any justification was.Just destroyed because there is no plans to save our church. It is clear that any agreement, any attempt to set the world will be rejected under any pretext or no. This war is not for life, and for the complete abolition. Moreover, on both sides. For the complete extinction of the true Russian Church.

St. Cyprian of Carthage wrote: "The efforts of heretics and schismatics zlomyslyaschih usually begin with self-indulgence , coupled with a haughty and proud contempt for the primate." One of the main components of the fight against dissenters from the Church is to fight against those who are in it headed, that is, its First Hierarch and the Synod: "I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered" (Mark 14.27). This is what we have seen, when there was a war with the devil servants Patriarch Tikhon and his Synod. No wonder the Bolsheviks later so resisted the formation of the Holy Synod and the Synod agreed to only if the traitor Sergius Stragorodsky consisting of the same traitors as he Sergius. Before that there was a struggle with the Emperor and the dynasty. In the recent past - the purposeful control of Metropolitan Vitaly. Unfortunately, I'm not all that happens in those years clearly understood, and, though not personally struggled with Metropolitan Vitaly, but now I understand that is not enough then supported him, for now I repent sincerely.

* * *

Above I briefly mentioned some facts for all to see. Now a few words about the arguments cited by modern dissenters.
Since no evidence against me or against our Synod, they have no other than an abstract of defamation (which, in fact, they fully recognize), dissenters at this stage have decided to work on the power of artistic expression parishioners. It's like in literature or movies - images are fictional villains. Write continuously, for example, that the Primate of the liar (without giving any falsehood episodes), and the Synod is made ​​up of slaves obedient to him. And in every way to develop and exaggerate this topic. That is, the calculation to deceive gullible people who do not know what is happening. Unfortunately, they always had an overwhelming majority.

There was recently a lyrical creation, written by one of the four "spiritual marines," with the title "Thoughts on the Pre-Council Meeting of the Commission", which is broadcast kindly and gently, that you can not obey the laws of the hierarchy, even if it does not profess heresy. Quotes from the Holy Martyr Hilarion Troitsky, who without compunction and shadow hesitate treated exclusively in its favor: "You can not rely on official pastors (bishops and priests), we can not formally apply the canons to the solution put forward by the church life issues in general can not be limited to legal relations to business and the need to have a spiritual sense, which would indicate the way of Christ among the many trails trodden divimi animals in sheep's clothing. " This is not particularly focuses on the fact that Hilarion Troitsky says Sergianism - that at that time entered a third-party will, to subjugate the many in the fence of the Church, including the number of the hierarchy, and of every Christian needed, in addition to the legality of knowledge , the ability to distinguish between good and evil. In this case, the parties will come exclusively from the new dissenters, and the words of the Holy Martyr directly expose themselves these schismatics attempting to put on a sheep's skin today and climb to the church government in a roundabout way, to destroy and razseyat still remaining in the fence sheep.

Immediately taken another work on the same theme, though not so artistic and brilliantly decorated, entitled "What is the spiritual meaning of this division?" There is the same - the main enemies of the Church in our time are derived church canons and rules (ie ., the holy fathers, to install them): "Sometimes, sincere people take in this debate and the direction of the Metropolitan Synod. Communicating with people or read their writings, it is easy to notice that they think only external, formal categories: the canons, rule of law, obedience to ecclesiastical authority. " Comments, as they say, are unnecessary.

Reading these people who consider themselves "spiritually sighted" (in contrast to the spiritually blind - they arrogantly define who does not support them), you catch yourself thinking that if we follow the logic of their arguments, the church dispute rights is not the one who should be the Church's Tradition and the one who, simple, beautiful plays the violin, that is, who has more sense and creative flight. True, the latter-day connoisseurs themselves "spiritual" completely false notes, like a blasphemous definition of Christ as "One traveling public order violator" (!?).

But riding "spirituality", they thought, is the dispensation of the schism of the Church for their kind understanding spirituality. This is a complete misunderstanding g, not what the church tradition, and Christianity itself. "If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!" (Matthew 6.23). If the best that they try to present, there is destruction and death, what is the worst in them?

First Hierarch of the ROCOR
+ Metropolitan Agafangel
August 30 / September 12, 2016.

* * *

As an application, offer to read some of the statements of the Holy Fathers of the sin of schism:

Hieromartyr. Ignatius of Antioch:
"Make no mistake, my brothers! Who follows the misleading division, he did not inherit the kingdom of God "(Letter to the Philadelphians 4).

St. Irenaeus:
"Christ will judge those who make divisions, - without the love of God and caring more about their own benefit, than the unity of the Church, on the unimportant and accidental causes dissecting and tearing great and glorious body of Christ, and how much depends on destroying it from them, speaking about the world and produce language "(Five books against heresies, 4.7).

St. John Chrysostom:
"Produce division is not a lesser evil, as well as to fall into the heresy of schism ... sin is not washed off, even the blood of martyrdom in the Church" (Commentary on the Epistle to the Ephesians: 65, 11).

St. Cyprian of Carthage:
"One must beware of deception is not only apparent and obvious, but one that is covered thin craftiness and cunning, as in the fiction of the new enemy of deceit: the very name of a Christian to deceive the unwary. He invented heresies and schisms to subvert the faith, to distort the truth, to terminate unity. Who blindness can not hold onto the Old ways, it brings confusion and deceive by a new one. Awesome people from the Church itself, and when they are apparently already approached the light and get rid of the night of this world, again spreads over them a new darkness, so that they are not adhering to the Gospel and not keeping the law, is called, however, to be Christians and wandering in the dark, they think they walk in the light. "

"Remember that the founders and heads of division, breaking the unity of the Church, oppose Christ, and not only the second time crucify him, but the torn body of Christ, and it is such a grave sin, and that the blood of martyrdom can not make amends for it."

"Can you think of someone who does not adhere to the unity of the Church, that he keeps the faith? Can we hope to anyone who resists and acts contrary to the Church that it is in the Church, when the blessed Apostle Paul, speaking of the same subject and revealing the mystery of unity, says, "one body, and one Spirit, As the rank Snack in a single hope of title your his; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God "(Eph 4: 4-6.)?"

"The Church is one, and only one, it is the fullness of the grace of the Holy Spirit gifts. Who and how would any way deviated from the Church - heresy, to split into a bunch of arbitrarily, he loses the sacrament of God's grace; we know and believe that falling away into schism there, whether in the heresy, into sectarianism if - there is a complete destruction and spiritual death. "

Saint Augustine:
"We believe in the holy catholic Church. However, heretics and schismatics also call their community churches. But heretics, false ideas about God, distort faith itself, and splitters lawless divisions retreating from brotherly love, but believe in the same thing that we do. Therefore, neither the heretics do not belong to the universal Church, who loves God, nor the dissenters do not belong to it "(On the Creed, X).

St. Ignatius (Bryanchaninov):
"Mortal sin is an Orthodox Christian, not heal properly repentance exposes the sinner eternal torment ... mortal sin for a Christian are the following: heresy, schism, blasphemy, apostasy ... one of them kills the soul and makes it unable eternal bliss, until it does not purify himself repentance "(The word of the death).

Hieromartyr Hilarion (Troitsky):
"The Church is one, and only one, it is the fullness of the grace of the Holy Spirit gifts. Who and how would any way deviated from the Church - heresy, to split into a bunch of arbitrarily, he loses the sacrament of God's grace "(Letter R. Gardiner)

"We know and believe that the falling away from the Church into schism there in a heresy, dissolved in sectarianism - there is a complete destruction and spiritual death. For us, there is no Christianity outside the Church. If Christ created the Church and the Church - his body, then break away from His Body - to die "(Life in the Church).

St. John of Kronstadt.:
"Unity - God. Separation - the devil. Separation of Church - it is the devil; heresies, schisms - it is of the devil "(My Life in Christ Movement II, 9.)

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