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Nativity homily, fr. Vsevolod Dutikov

Dioceses News - EAST AMERICA DIOCESE Monday, 09 January 2012

In the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit,

Dear brothers and sisters!

Our Lord was born on this day, let us rejoice and be glad.  No one may be sad on this day, no matter what sorrow, what loss they may be suffering, for this day is a feast of life for everyone.  Fear of death is no more, because in the love that was revealed to us by Christ there is no fear and He bestows upon us all the joy of eternal life.  Everyone will partake of this joy, for the reason for this joy is shared by all.  May all the saints rejoice today, for this is their day of celebration.  May sinners rejoice, for they are called to receive absolution.  May those who do not know God cease their despair, for they are called to life.  May the angels in their joy become even more joyful and intone “Glory be to God in the highest” and bestow peace on earth to those who love God.

The love of God, our Savior was revealed to us on this day.  If this had not happened, we would not know of God’s ways in this world and His intentions for mankind.  What is left to us as we stand in this church bright as the sky and in this world dark as hell?  We must confess that the Nativity of Christ is that of God.  We may not separate ourselves from the world, as God sent His Son to save this world.  No matter how disfigured this world is by sin, we may not despise nor avoid it.  No matter what may happen in this world, it is still the world which He created and which He loves so much that He came to save it.  We must be a part of it and toil and pray and confess that God is present in it.

May we never forget that to be a Christian means to be with Christ and to go with Him to the poor and bear their joys and pains.  May we learn to pray such a prayer so that the prayer may reveal to us the sufferings of mankind and that these sufferings, when we share them, be illuminated by the light of the Nativity night and the dawn of the Resurrection.  The Nativity of Christ is called the Pascha of the Lord by the Holy Church.  We understand God as we have never understood Him before and we understand mankind as we could never have even imagined.

The miracle of the Nativity of this Child, whom the Mother of God holds in Her embrace, is that God and man became one.



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