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Fundraiser for the purchase of a residence for the Synod of Bishops

Synod of Bishops - Epistles from bishops Saturday, 26 November 2011

On November 10, 2011, the Synod of Bishops resolved:
to bless the start of raising funds
for the purchase of a residence for the Synod.
To that end, address everyone in our clergy and flocks and ask them
to actively participate in this necessary work.

A possible property that can be purchased is a rowhouse in Astoria, NY, USA, located next to our Holy Trinity Church.  It is a three-level house with one large room on the basement level, a living room, kitchen and one room on the ground level and four bedrooms on the upper level.  The owner is asking $650,000. for the house.  To obtain a mortgage from a bank, we need to put down 20%, which is $130,000. If we gather this amount, we can purchase this property or a similar
one for use by our Synod.

From the ROCA First Hierarch Metropolitan Agafangel
to all faithful members of the Church Abroad

Dear brethren Archpastors, honorable pastors and God-loving laypeople!

I address all of you with the blessing of our Synod of Bishops.

All of you are aware that in defiance of the will of the body of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, those who decided to join the ranks of the Moscow Patriarchia made sure ahead of time to surrender practically everything that our devout ancestors were able to amass and build for the all the years of the existence of the ROCA.  Our Synod, as a result, was left without any property.  The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad now needs a building in which its Higher Authority, the Synod of Bishops, can be situated.  This will serve as the administrative center of our Church, its "headquarters," without
which our future development cannot even be imagined.

I hope that our common need will resonate in the heart of every bishop, priest and layperson.  As Christians, we must show by our deeds that we are ready to answer to the needs of our entire Church.

I call upon each of us to help our Church as much as possible.

With this appeal, I bless all of our bishops, priests and laypeople to gather donations for this virtuous undertaking in the ways traditional to the Church Abroad - collect donations after services, establish donation boxes in parishes, create signature lists and simply donate to the Synod account.  Information about all donations will be published in accordance with Orthodox tradition on the Internet website of our Synod, as well as in our official publications, the
magazines "Church Life" and "The Russian Zoar."

+Metropolitan Agafangel
Odessa, November 2011


Required amount: $130, 000

Collected as of November 25, 2011: $18, 400



Bagration-Mukhranskaya, Irina Sergeevna
$15 000
ROCA Synod of Bishops (11102011) $2 000
Odessa Diocese (11242011) $1 000
Metropolitan Agafangel (11252011) $100
Mother Raphaela (11252011) $50
St. Aleksey Parish, Odessa (11252011) $250


Bank information for the Synod Residence Fund account:

Account - 4350 2569 3106
Bank - Bank of America
Location - Falls Church , VA

Online direct deposit routing number - 051 000 017
US wire transfers routing number - 026 009 593
International wire transfers swift code - BOFAUS3N

In CIS countries, money can be sent to the Odessa Diocese Treasurer, Mother Raphaela.
(Kovtun, Natalya Sergeevna, Mikhaylovskaya Ploshchad 1, 65005, Odessa, Ukraine)

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