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Another blackmail from MP

Announcements - Timing Announcements Thursday, 08 September 2011

09/08/11, at 9:00 am, a group of people consisting of representatives of local authorities and about 12 priests of the Moscow Patriarchia have penetrated into the territory of the Resurrection monastic community in the village of New Sagaydak, Moldova. Officials declared that there are certain problems with the property (privately owned), and representatives of the MP had threatened monks with physical violence and said that if the Abbot joined the Moscow Patriarchia, there would be no problems. This blackmail on the part of civil authorities was attended by (participated with) the mayor, a construction inspector and the a police inspector. Pictures of the community's life can be found at:


Additional information:

September 8, 2011 at 9:00 am Resurrection monastic community in the village of New Sagaydak, Moldova was attacked by the Moldovan Metropolitan Church of MP. The group of about 12 priests was led by Fr. Theodore horns, Fr. Nicholas Dean Goryana Cimislia district and vicar of Zlotskiy monastery arhimadrit Toby. It should be noted that the territory of the monastic community is privately owned. The monastic community is officially registered as part of the Association "Union of Orthodox Citizens of Moldova," which clearly stated its relation to the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad; the association is allowed to build churches and monasteries to open activities, etc.

The attack was organized we can say with full knowledge and complicity of local authorities. For 10 minutes before "the priests" form MP appeared on the private property without invitation, the authorities came to monks to check the building construction. The delegation was consisting of the mayor Ivan A. Stoykova Porumbrii, state construction inspector Duca Demetrius and the district police officer. Few minutes later the private area was invaded by the "priests" who slyly began ugovorivat Abbot Anthimus (Tudos) to return to the Moldovan Metropolitan Church of MPs on favorable terms, promising to avoid problems on the construction of the building of the monastery. It should be emphasized that at this point the state construction  inspector had ban the construction of the building because of some "mistakes" in the project. The behaved of Archimandrite Toby was especially unleashed. He had threatened the abbot Anthimus (Tudos) with physical violence.

Unfortunately, "The Soviet church" continues to act in the spirit of satanic Sergianist, in the spirit of the great totalitarian organization and it is sad that the power structures knuckle down to the provocateurs and the enemies of Orthodoxy.

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