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ROCA Ascension Parish in Barnaul keeps serving Liturgies

Dioceses News - SIBIRIA DIOCESE Monday, 11 April 2011

ROCA Ascension Parish in Barnaul continues serving Leturgies in the new building. After raider attacks and taking over we have built a temple congregation and the rector moved away, so to speak "in prepared positions". As of today, that is, 30/III (12/IV) 201, in the new building were held for five services, including the two Divine Liturgy. I can testify from my own inner experience and the words of the parishioners, which is less fertile, than in a selected temple, despite the paucity of external, these services were not. God is glorified in the first place, in our souls. Consciously make a choice in favor of maintaining the purity of faith in the external losses did the trick. We feel sorry for those people who prefer the convenience and comfort of uncomplicated conscience.

Priest Georgy Titov.

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