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A letter to MP Patriarch

Articles and Publications - Information for consideration Wednesday, 30 March 2011

To His Beatitude Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia

from the clergy of the Izhevsk and Udmurtia Diocese:

Archpriest Sergey Kondakov
Director of the Armed Forces Liaison Department 
and Law-enforcement Office of the Izhevsk and Udmurtia Diocese;
Rector of the St. Nicholas Church in Zavyalova;
Member of the Civic Chamber of the Udmurtia Republic.

Archpriest Mikhail Karpeev
Rector of the Transfiguration Church in Yagul
and the St. Basil the Great Church in Khokhryak.

Reverend Aleksandr Malikh
Priest at the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Izhevsk;
Candidate of Theological Studies


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Though we are unworthy, we are moved by our love of our flocks and our personal salvation to write
this open letter to you.

With God’s mercy and the prayers of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, atheistic
communism has been overcome and millions have returned to the Mother Church.  Sadly, a complete
rebirth of our nation has not occurred.  On the contrary, a majority of our people find themselves in
conditions that are worse than 20 years ago.  Russia is threatened by ruin, caused by a spiritual and
moral crisis.  One can ask, “Perhaps the reason there was no accompanying rebirth within the Russian
government, military, culture and families when the Orthodox churches were restored was that the stain
of 70 years of servitude to the Bolsheviks was not removed from life within the Church?”
Your Holiness, in recent years as the vertical power structure has been established in the Church, it has
engaged in missionary work that is reminiscent of the “missionary work” which swept the West after
Vatican II.  What good is our “missionary to Russia,” Fr. Andrey Kuraev, when he mocks the canons
and traditions of the Orthodox Church without any punishment?

We cannot hope but be embarrassed when we see how easily the Church awards medals with the
likenesses of saints to representatives of governments and businesses.  We are compelled to ask, “What
medal would King Herod receive from the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church?” 
After all, he did much to rebuild and decorate the temple in Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, cheap methods of false preaching have become the norm for our Church.  Why do we
need to repeat the tragic mistakes of Catholic false missionary work?  Indeed, “the harvest is great, but
there are few workers.”  Our people need real preaching, but we do not need priests who are karate
experts, or soccer players, weight-lifters, celebrities, rock singers, or bankers.  We critically need pastors
who would give their lives for their flock, who would be a witness of Christ not only in word but in
deed.  That is why it is so important that we free ourselves of the web which ensnared our Church during
the years of the communist dictatorship.

We earnestly ask you to have the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church leave the World
Council of Churches.  Many of us do not understand why our episcopate does not make this decision. 
Membership in this Council was forced upon the Church by the persecutors of the Khrushchev regime, whose appointed task was to destroy Orthodox Russia.  Remember the words of the great theologian of
the 20th
century, St. Justin (Popovich), who said that it is not possible on the basis of the canons for the
Orthodox to participate in organizations such as the World Council of Churches and in the ecumenical
movement as a whole.

We earnestly ask that our episcopate decisively disentangle itself from the contemporary heresy of
heresies – ecumenism.  May those bishops and clergy who participated in joint prayers with heretics ask
for forgiveness, as it is written in the Apostle’s Rule: “If a bishop or priest or deacon prays with heretics,
he will be cast out.  If they are allowed to continue to serve, they will be expelled.” (45-e Apostle’s
Rule)  We categorically ask that all theological conferences and other such ecumenical activities leading
to union with the Vatican, which is sullied by heresy, cease.

We earnestly ask that our Russian Orthodox Church and You personally, Your Holiness, defend the holy
memory of the Holy Royal Martyrs from the despicable lies that are spread to one degree or another in
our country and the entire world.  We earnestly ask that the practice of blind agreement with the
government and indulging the thick-headed among the people of our country cease.  We earnestly ask
that You, Your Holiness, make an effort that our people see you not only blessing and fraternizing with
representatives of the administration, but also rebuking them.

We categorically ask that You arrange for all clergy who collaborated with the KGB during the years of
communist dictatorship to repent before God and the nation.

We categorically ask that that attention be paid to the amoral behavior of clergy, including even senior
clergy, who indulge in the shameful mortal sin, the Sin of sodomy, which has crept into the ranks of
clergy of the MP and flourishes with the help of intelligence services, destroying our Church from

We categorically ask that attention be paid to the impoverished condition of many village priests, while
a large percentage of the clergy, who are coddled by the powerful of this world, are drowning in luxury.

We earnestly ask that You hearken to the voice of our brothers and sisters who remained in the part of
the Russian Church Abroad who did not agree to union with the Moscow Patriarchate.  There is much
truth in their criticism.  If we listen to them, it will lead to a complete union of the two parts of the
Russian Orthodox Church based not on compromises, but on Truth.

We also earnestly ask that You be the first among those who refuse to accept the Universal electronic
identification card, which poses a threat to our country and nation.

Your Holiness, pardon us for our boldness, but liken yourself to Holy Martyr Patriarch Germogen, Holy
Patriarch Tikhon and St. Mark of Ephesus.  Lead our nation and strive to cleanse us of ecumenism,
sergianism, defects and all that which hinders us from following Christ and His Virgin Mother.

But You, Holy Bishop, must first ask for forgiveness personally before God and the flock of the Church
for these sins.  We, the sinful, with humility will stop commemorating You during the services in
accordance with the 15th
Rule of the Double Council and the 3rd
Rule of the Third Ecumenical Council.

Our Most Reverend cannot be someone who leads us on the path to apostasy and union with the papists. 
Our father cannot be someone who violates the canons of the Church and the rules of the Holy Fathers.

PS. We clearly understand the sad reality of life in today’s Russia, that there will be an onslaught of
denigration, slander and persecution after this letter, but we are guided by our Christian conscience and
cannot do anything else.  May God help us!

Great Lent 2011, the week of the Veneration of the Cross.

Published on http://3rm.info/

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