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Многие лета, отец Всеволод!

Announcements - Official announcements Friday, 12 December 2014
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Поздравляем отца Всеволода Дутикова с днем Ангела! Многие лета, дорогой отец Всеволод!

Крепкого здоровия Вам и долгих лет жизни. Просим Ваших молитв.







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Перечень деяний Чрезвычайного Архиерейского Собора РПЦЗ

Synod of Bishops - Official documents Friday, 28 November 2014
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РПЦЗ: Соборное послание  Чрезвычайного Архиерейского Собора

С 25-27 ноября 2014 г. в Синодальном представительстве в Одессе проходил Чрезвычайный Архиерейский Собор, в котором приняли участие: Первоиерарх РПЦЗ Митрополит Агафангел, Архиепископ Андроник, Архиепископ Софроний, Архиепископ Иоанн, Архиепископ Георгий, Епископ Афанасий, Епископ Григорий, Епископ Кирилл, Епископ Никон, Епископ Николай.

Архиерейский Собор подтвердил легитимность последнего Архиерейского Синода, бывшего с 21 по 22 октября в Одессе, все принятые там решения вступили в законную силу. Собор постановил: "Утвердить следующую трактовку параграфа 20 Положения об РПЦЗ: Заседание Архиерейского Синода считается состоявшимся, когда на нем присутствуют, включая Председателя, не менее половины его членов. Отсутствующие члены могут принять участие в заседаниях Синода при помощи электронных средств связи или посредством письменных рапортов". Также подробно было рассмотрено "Обращение клириков и мирян российских приходов РПЦЗ" которое признано неправдивым, политизированным, неканоническим (выдержка из Протокола http://internetsobor.org/rptcz/tcerkovnye-novosti/rptcz/rptcz-vyderzhka-iz-protokola-chrezvychainogo-arkhiereiskogo-sobora-s-obsuzhdeniem-obrashcheniia-i-suzhdeniem-o-episkopakh-dionisii-i-irinee).

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Священномученик Иосиф, митрополит Петроградский: фильм Татьяны Канаевой

Articles and Publications - Information for consideration Thursday, 20 November 2014
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Этот фильм был снят с Международного фестиваля Христианского кино "Невский Благовест" с формулировкой "концепция фильма не отвечает общепринятому соборному взгляду на указанный исторический период и на роль отдельных личностей в истории Русской Православной Церкви"


Proclamation To the faithful members of the Syracuse and St. Nicholas, Ottawa and Canadian Dioceses of the ROCA

Synod of Bishops - Epistles from bishops Wednesday, 19 November 2014


To the faithful members of the Syracuse and St. Nicholas, Ottawa and Canadian Dioceses of the ROCA

November 05\18, 2014
Holy Martyrs
Galacteon and Episteme

Dear in Christ fathers, brothers and sisters, faithful sons and daughters of the Church Abroad!

On this coming Sunday, November 10\23, the 24th week of Pentecost, the Church Abroad celebrates the memory of St. Philaret of New York.

One of Bishop Philaret’s many acts of service to the Church Abroad was his ability to maintain the strict adherence and observance of all church Rules, Canons and the Orthodox Faith and thereby preserve peace and unity within the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.

The Church Abroad always allowed and respected diverse opinions.  Even in such pointed church questions such as whether grace is present or not present in the mysteries of New Calendarists and even the MP, each diocesan bishop could express and hold to his own personal opinion and deviate slightly to either side of the official ROCA position in anticipation of a final determination on the question by a future Ecumenical Council.

At this time, the vessel of our salvation, the Church Abroad, is being buffeted from the forceful blows of disagreements which are harming the unity and Christian love within the Church.

The current situation is all the more tragic, as the unrest is being caused mostly by politics.  For the message of the Church Abroad to bear fruit as it found itself in various countries all over the world, it had to be and try to remain apolitical.  Monarchists and democrtas, Vlasovites and anarchists and NTS members all found a home and peace in the Church.  Representatives of various races and nations also found a home alongside ethnic Russians.

For me, an archbishop who spent most of his years of service to the Church Abroad in the monastic silence of the Holy Land, as with all those clergy and laypeople in my see, it is painful to endure the current unease.

Political disagreements cannot reach such a fevered pitch in the Church, which is made up of true Christians who abide in this world, but in the Words of God, “not of this world.”  One could understand and take comfort if the disputes between brothers were not because of political views, but from different interpretations of the Holy Fathers, in the understanding of the Canons, or in religious matters such as name worship or the lack of grace of apostates.

In conclusion, I appeal to all clergy and flock in my care and give my blessing to all the parishes to read this Proclamation from the ambo after the Sunday Liturgy in memory of St. Philaret of New York and to serve a moleben to Bishop Philaret and raise our holy prayers for the restoration of peace in the Church Abroad and a beneficial outcome of the forthcoming ROCA Council of Bishops, whose decisions we await humbly with hope and in a spirit of service.

+Archbishop Andronik
Of Syracuse and St. Nicholas, Ottawa and Canada

Archpriest Victor Dobroff
Secretary of the Syracuse and St. Nicholas Diocese


Metropolitan Agafangel: An Appeal to the members of the “Old Diaspora.”

Synod of Bishops - Epistles from bishops Monday, 03 November 2014

Митрополит Агафангел: Последнее слово к тем, кто бежит с Корабля

Now is the time of God's favor, now is the day of salvation. (2 Corinthians 6:2)

Dear brothers and sisters!

Within every community there are those who are loyal and those who are not.  The day will come as it is written in the Gospel, and that day is coming soon, when Christ will divide all the sheep and goats on one side or another.

Today may be a rehearsal of that day.  Today the Russian people have once again clearly divided themselves into Whites and Reds.  Paradoxically, the Reds have suddenly decided they are the Whites and have already taken over the position the Whites once held.  They left us, proudly carrying aloft the white flag of capitulation, believing erroneously, that this is a symbol of their victory.

These divisions exist not only among us.  They are within the other fragments of our bygone ROCA.  Perhaps the time has come to unite with those who were always on one side of the barricades and looked at the enemies of God only over the border of their hearts and consciences.

I invite all the “old members of the diaspora” who like Met. Vitaliy do not desire or accept any compromises with the Reds to join us in Odessa on November 25 on the eve of the Council meeting so that we may meet and discuss our common problems.  If we come to an agreement, then we can all participate in the Council.  This extraordinary Council, whose course will depend on the decisions we make together.

I do not know who and how people have decided for themselves what choices to make in this earthly life.  I will not name names, but I know of bishops who have not bowed their heads before the Soviet Baalim, along with clergy, monastics and laypeople of the Diaspora who have been members of ROCA from its first days on earth.  I certainly do not know every person and for that I ask to be forgiven.  Actually, we are not that few.  And the time has come when we cannot allow ourselves to be divided.  Perhaps with time we will be joined by the old emigres from the far corners of the diaspora, whose consciences cannot be contained by the borders of the “Russian world.”  One by one we will soon and inevitably pass from this world, but if we join together, perhaps we shall endure until God’s Day as given in the words of the Savior, “I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.“ (Matthew 16:18)

Yours in Christ,
+Metropolitan Agafangel

Those who desire the unity of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad in all its glory and spirit which it had in the days of the administration of the last leading First Hierarch, Metropolitan Vitaliy, can write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

May God help us!


Отошел ко Господу иеромонах Макарий (Фостер)

Dioceses News - ODESSA DIOCESE Monday, 04 August 2014
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3 августа в США скоропостижно скончался иеремонах Макарий (Фостер). Его госпитализировали с ударом, влили кровь, вроде стало лучше, шутил, а потом повторный удар, кома, и все.
Отец Макарий окормлял сестер Свято-Иоанновского монастыря на Украине. Царство ему Небесное и вечная память!
+митр. Агафангел

Начал работу Архиерейский Собор РПЦЗ

Announcements - Official announcements Monday, 19 May 2014
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